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academic trainer and (team)coach

Fieke Harinck-juni 02, 2015-534 x 800-OO

I am a organizational psychologist and I worked 22 year as an Assistant Professor at Leiden University.  Nowadays I am an independent trainer and  (team)coach.​ My main fields of expertise are cooperation and conflict (coaching, team coaching, leadership and negotiation training) on the one hand, and communication on the other (e.g. presentation skills, scientific storytelling, listening and feedback). 


I published a book: "The Art of Presenting" and I will release my second book: "How to write a thesis" in 2024. 


Besides being in academia for 30 years (including a PhD in negotiation), I have a mediation degree, and more than 20 years of experience in improvisation theatre. Currently, I am extending and growing my coaching skills in a two-year coaching course (Instrument voor Hulp - ITIP).

I love to collaborate with great people, so check out some of my collaborators

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