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Below you will find a description of trainings that I offer



How to be a more effective negotiator and communicator

Negotiation and Communication

My trainings are evidence-based; I rely on (my own and other’s) academic research about how people collaborate and communicate to create effective trainings in the field of negotiation and communication (feedback, coaching or creativity).


I use my experience in academia and in the world of improvisation to create engaging and effective presentation trainings for researchers of all levels.

I have a learning-by-doing approach which results in trainings that combine exercises linked to short theoretical explanations of the concepts. My improvisation background guarantees an upbeat and flexible training style in which learning can be fun too.

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Serious fun

Improvisation is a skill; anyone can learn to improvise. Learning improvisation has many advantages; it increases creativity, positivity, and problem-solving. It is a great way to get to know each other. But most of all it is fun.

I use improvisation in trainings on team development, creativity or brainstorming. We start off slowly, to get everybody acquainted to the idea of improvisation and let's see where we end up 

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